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So you've decided to take a chance and enter the second

Tin on Tin Cocktail Classic.

Congrats!  You're on the right track...simply submit a cocktail recipe and our panel will select six lucky challengers to go head to head for a chance to win a trip to this year's

Tales of the Cocktail and be named the first

Tin on Tin Cocktail Classic Champion!

We're just as exited as you are, but first let's review some


In order to participate, you:

  1. Must be 21 to enter

  2. Must be a currently employed bartender in Illinois and a current USBG member.

  3. Must be TIPS or BASSETT certified

  4. Must fill out SUBMISSION FORM completely and accurately.  Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.

  5. Must submit an ORIGINAL recipe.  See inset to the right for guidelines.

  6. Base spirit must be from list provided below.

  7. Must be available on April 2nd and 16th and meet all deadlines without exception.

  8. CANNOT currently hold a position or title of "Bar Manager" or "Beverage Director".  If this is your case, take this as an opportunity to mentor an employee and let them make your beverage program proud.

  9. Have fun!!



Chicago is a city that gave the world skyscrapers and challenged the world to top the heights that we could reach.  Chicago is a city of art and music.  A city of extreme weather, diverse neighborhoods and dubious politics.  Chicago is a true metropolis serious about our drinks.




Create an original cocktail recipe that embodies sustainability and has a strong focus on healthy and natural ingredients




Please abide by the guidelines.  Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.


  1. Recipe for a cocktail with no more than 1.5oz of sprints 80 proof or nighter   Modifiers (i.e. liqueurs) are not included in that 1.5oz

  2. Base spirit must be from the list of eligible Diageo spirts (below)

  3. No more than six ingredients (not including ice or garnish) permitted

  4. Syrups/tinctures with multiple ingredients counts as one ingredient

  5. Mind your ABV Responsible consumption of alcohol is always paramount.  Use your best judgement.


In order for your submission to be considered, one of the following brands must be used as the base for your punch.

Any variation of each brand listed is acceptable (i.e. Ketel One Oranje)

  • Ketel One

  • Ciroc

  • Tanqueray 10

  • Ron Zacapa

  • Captain Morgan White Rum

  • Don Julio Tequila

  • DeLeon Tequila

  • Bulleit

  • George Dickel

  • Crown Royal

  • Johnnie Walker

  • Buchanan's

  • Talisker

  • Lagavulin

  • Oban



The winner of the 2018 Tin on Tin Cocktail Classic will be prized flight and hotel to Brooklyn, NY for this year's Bar Convent, courtesy of The Renaissance Hotel Downtown location.
Upon arrival in Brooklyn, the winner will be met by Israel Fernandez III to enjoy some of the sites and bites  that New York has to offer as well as a visit to Diageo's national headquarters in Manhattan!  Good luck!!

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