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Local Sourcing and Sustainability

As we all know, the restaurant industry does not naturally lend itself to be sustainable, with high amounts of food waste among other types of trash on a daily basis.  Furthermore, we all recognize that recycling is an ambition that does not come easy to bars and restaurants.  Modern bars are striving to their carbon footprint as much possible and we want you to contribute to this conversation through your creativity.

For this challenge,  you will be creating a bar concept in which you will decorate your own personal bar and execute a three cocktail menu that tells a story of yourself and focuses on responsible local sourcing and sustainability.  This is open to your interpretation with a few parameters to help guide you.

For all three cocktails, we want you to work with a local produce source for any herbs, fruits and vegetables (citrus is exempted) that you trust to be socially responsible.  We encourage you to work with your bar manger or chef to identify these sources and get what you need.  Feel free to identify the local source you're working with and why you chose to work with them.

Of the three cocktails, one must be a "zero waste" cocktail.  This is also open to your interpretation, but be prepared to justify your decisions.  Here is an article to help you in your research, and a simple google search could help further.  Again, we encourage you to work with your chef and manager to identify opportunities and create the ingredients you will need at the bar you currently call "home".

Although there isn't a directive on what types of cocktails you need to prepare, please keep in mind the logic and necessity to creating a well balanced menu.  For example, you would most likely not create a full menu of stirred boozy drinks without offering anything else.


A recommended format could be: long and refreshing, strong and boozy and an innovative highball.  Again, these are recommendations and we are allowing creative freedom to interpret this as you wish.  Be prepared to justify your selection of cocktail styles, the judges will take this into consideration.

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