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  • All of the Challenges have a slightly different balance of points in each category and their total. However every Challenge has the same weight in the overall scoring.

  • Technique: This covers bartending skill, tool use, efficiency, and professionalism, as well as the garnishing and appearance of the drink. In World Class, we do not reward overt flair or highly mannered techniques unless it clearly relates to the quality of the drinks created.

  • Presentation: This is about communication, story-telling and the way you interact with the judges. Your personality and knowledge are the two main areas the judges will look at. In the Tasting Menu Challenge, judges will look for strong understanding of the pairing process and you must be able to demonstrate the logic behind your choices.

  • Creativity: The ability to combine interesting flavors and ingredients. For unique cocktails it rewards originality, when you are making Classic Cocktails it can be expressed as attention to detail or a subtle interpretative twist. This also includes a clever name for a cocktail.

  • Aroma, Taste and Flavor: Crucially the final judgment on what is in the glass.

  • Expression of the Spirit(s): Assesses how well your choice of spirits works in your drinks and whether it highlights the specific characteristics of the spirit used.

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