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  • There is a six ingredient limit to the number of ingredients that may be used in a single cocktail (not including ice and/or garnish).  For syrups and other ingredients made in advance, please see “HOMEMADE PREPARATIONS” below.

  • INFUSIONS of spirits are not permitted.  All spirits must come from the hosting property's inventory and will be supplied the day of, therefore infusions cannot be permitted.  Rapid infusions - although highly discouraged - are permitted while you are preparing your cocktails for presentation.

  • Original recipes entered must be the creation of the competitor. If a competitor is thought to have obviously plagiarized a known, existing cocktail they will be disqualified. 

  • Recipes must contain a minimum of 1oz of a DIAGEO RESERVE BRAND product and total combined alcoholic ingredients must be equivalent to no more than 3oz at 40% alc./vol. (total alcohol equivalent to less than 1.2oz at 100% alc./vol.).

  • Ingredients may be measured using a jigger, similar tool or freely poured.

  • Finalists are not allowed to use their own bar tools, cocktail shakers or mixing glasses for the creation of the cocktails in all of the Challenges.  Raised Bar will provide all bar tools necessary for competition

  • The organizers will supply high quality cubed (1-inch square), block ice (upon request) and crushed ice.

  • Finalists must be able to prepare drinks within the time limits specified in the Challenges but will additionally be given time to familiarize themselves with the bar area and prepare equipment and ingredients, as specified in the Challenge descriptions. Going over-time will result in a point penalty of 10 points per minute over the scheduled time.

  • Finalists serving drinks that appear inedible or working with unhygienic methods will be disqualified from that Challenge for scoring purposes.

  • Due to permitting restrictions, use of open flame is prohibited. Matches are not considered “open flame”. Flaming garnishes will be allowed.  Brulee torches will be allowed.




  • Garnishes must be edible but may be mounted on sticks, skewers, straws, forks or other such common bar accessories.

  • Non-Citrus Fruit for garnishes may be peeled in advance, but not sliced, wedged or pre-cut in any other way, unless otherwise stated in the challenge specific guideline.

  • Garnish must be prepared only during the presentation portion. Points are only granted to preparations conducted in front of the judges.  Garnishes that require special preparation (i.e. dehydrated fruits, cored out fruits) must be declared ahead of time (April 10th, 2018).  Multiple step garnishes must be assembled during presentation.




  • Drinks for the judging in the Challenges must be assembled in front of the judges.

  • “Home Preparations” are only acceptable if declared in advance and count as one ingredient in your cocktail (i.e. fruit and herb syrups)




Standard Glassware will be available for use in all challenges, provided by Raised Bar.  Please refer to “STOCK LIST” under “GLASSWARE” below.

  • You are allowed bring your own glassware, but it must be declared at the time that your recipe is submitted.  You must ensure that you have at minimum four (4) for each cocktail.




By entering this competition, Finalists agree to assign copyright of their recipes and drink names to the competition organizers at Renaissance Hotel and Diageo North America.


Finalists and drinks presented during the competition may be photographed (still or video) by the organizers and copyright of these images for any use will be retained by the organizers.




Drink names including rude, lurid, sexual words, or words associated with narcotics or motor vehicles are prohibited.




Finalists are encouraged to talk to the judges while making their drink and points will be awarded for general presentation and working methods.




The judges reserve the right to have the final decision on any matter relating to the judging of the competition.


Finalists will be judged according to the criteria set out in the “Competition Details” and scored out of a potential maximum points that can be earned, per judge.  There are three components


Each Challenge has a slightly different weighting of points to reflect the emphasis of the skills being tested.


Each Challenge carries the same importance in the overall judging.


In the event of a tie there will be a cocktail showdown, which involves making one classic cocktail (selected by the judges) in five minutes.  

Tie Break Scoring

Per Cocktail                                             45 points

Technique:                                                10 points

Creativity:                                                 15 points

Aroma, Taste and Flavor:                       10 points

Expression of the spirit:                          10 points

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